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Understanding The Truth About The Garcinia Fruit

If you have been grappling with how to lose weight, or you have found difficulty losing weight, then you may want to try Garcinia Cambogia. ILoveGarciniaCambogia states that Asian fruit has the ability to help you lose weight without drastically altering your current lifestyle. It works by preventing storage of fat, and reducing appetite hence controlling weight gain. It should however be noted that it does not decrease weight, but simply ensures you do not gain any more weight. The fruit rind can also be used to make medicine for treating parasites and worms, severe dysentery and some other conditions.


Even though this plant is sometimes considered a wonder drug, it is important to know how to take Garcina Cambogia. The fruit has been safely consumed for eons without any side effects, but as a drug, its recommended consumption is about 12 weeks. It should be noted that it can cause Nausea, discomfort in the digestive tract and mild headaches. Pregnant women are advised not to take the fruit or the drug as there has been no test carried to find out the interactions of the drug with pregnancy hormones. The expectant mother should also not use the drug when she is breastfeeding.

The correct dosage for the drug varies based on a variety of factors such as the age of the person, the health of the individual, and a variety of other factors. The correct dosage range is not scientifically proven, and even though it is a natural product, you should not over do the dosage. It is important to follow the instructions on the product label, or to ask your doctor to give you an appropriate dosage that is safe. There has been no known interactions of Garcinia with any other drugs at present, but it is important to speak with your doctor before you mix them.

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You can take the drug as a supplement which you can simply purchase from your local food store, or online. For the supplement, the recommended dosage is not more than 1000mg before each meal, but not more than 3000mg in total on a daily basis. When purchasing the supplement, make sure you look at the ingredients. The supplement does not list the ingredients used, do not purchase it. If you are consistent with your intake of Garcinia, you should see not weight loss of about 5 pounds without any other changes to your lifestyle. If you decide to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle, you should be able to see a more significant change in your weight.

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