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Using landing pages to optimize your online reputation

Search engine reputation management ensures how you appear online is a great first impression to people who have yet to meet you. There are many ways to make sure you have control over what is being said about you and one of these tactics are landing pages.

As someone who has been using the Internet for buying this online, doing research, browsing through social media, you undoubtedly have come across landing pages. It is a vital part of marketers’ jobs to be able to direct people to a specific place to get them what they are looking for. In other words landing pages are web pages that are only available after clicking a specific link.

ORM Services

What you will find on landing pages are a description of an offer, a preview to something and a way to get someone to do something right away. Basically anything that is not a homepage. There shouldn’t be too many buttons to click on since the purpose of the page is to get to a goal. Either getting a customer to buy something or download something, it has to be straightforward.

It is crucial for social media ads to have a landing page because it can help you achieve the goals your companies set. It is proven that they do increase conversion. Since customers are not directed towards the homepage, it is easier for them to get to the point fast and not get sidetracked by other products or services popping up. Landing pages are also meant to increase the ability to capture leads. Usually you will notice this when there is a form to fill out asking for an email address or any other way to get in contact with you in the future.

Things to remember when using landing pages are to keep your banner consistent all webpages. Or else customer will feel mislead with erratic offers. If the text you are trying to promote is giving the offer of 40% off, the image has to make people understand how that can be done. It is even a good idea to state the medium you are selling like if you have an ad on Facebook. Although that depends on the context of the message you are conveying.

Once someone has clicked on the link and has found him or herself on your landing page, place the most important elements above the fold. This means make sure everything is visible without them having to scroll down.

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