What Recovering Addicts in Peoria Think of Medical Marijuana

There have been a couple medical marijuana dispensaries popping up in Peoria, Illinois over the past couple years realized Drug Rehab Peoria.  Medical marijuana has turned quite a few heads, due to its controversy of being an illicit drug for so long.  There are a multitude of arguments for and against it by both sides of the debate.

While there are many who argue for it, an important viewpoint to hear is what individuals who are recovering from addiction think of the situation.  There are some individuals in recovery who support it.  In fact, medical marijuana is being used as a type of treatment for opioid addiction in some cases.  There have been many recovering addicts who are finding success with this as well, though it may very well not be the solution for everyone.


Some individuals may feel it is a bit of a stigma to use medical marijuana to help with addiction.  This could be due to what others in recovery may think of them for using marijuana to help with their addiction.  Being that, outside of medical uses, it is considered an illicit drug in most of the world, it may seem shameful to use for addiction.  While that may be the case, there is also the argument that many use other types of replacement medications for addiction, such as Suboxone, methadone, etc.

Perhaps medical marijuana may be the answer to help some to get off of types of psychiatric medications for co-occurring mental conditions along with helping with their addiction.  After all, medical marijuana has been used to treat anxiety, depression and other mental conditions explained Drug Rehabilitation Peoria.  While medical marijuana has been successful for some in their recovery, remember to always consult your doctor as to whether this is the right type of medication for you to use in your recovery.

The Difficulty Marijuana Can Pose to Recovery

Marijuana tends to be kind of brushed off being that it is considered a low level type of drug in comparison with opiates, cocaine, meth, and other highly addictive substances.  It tends to be discounted as an addictive or gateway drug a lot of the time.  While this may be the case for some, it can easily have detrimental effects on a recovering addict’s sobriety.  It can be the first entrance point in which someone goes on toward a relapse.  In a booklet on, titled “Effects of Medical Marijuana on the Recovery Community,” multiple concerns of medical marijuana and people in recovery are gone over.  In the booklet, Robert Dupont M.D. makes the point stating, “… the state of being abstinent from alcohol and drugs while developing a strong character based on honesty and unselfish values is called ‘recovery…’ legitimizing smoked marijuana as a ‘medicine’ is a serious threat to the health of all Americans, and particularly, the health of individuals in recovery.”

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