What Strains are there for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD is a debilitating mental condition which affects millions of people throughout the world. A harrowing life event may trigger PTSD, such as serving at war, or witnessing or suffering from a death in your family. It is best described as an anxiety disorder that can have a profound and long term effect on your mental state.

Many experts are sceptical about the effect of medicinal marijuana on PTSD. Despite this, many people with PTSD are able to find relief form the symptoms they experience by using substances such as OG Kush. Symptoms can include flashbacks, bouts of depression, withdrawing from people, aswell as insomnia. It really is a truly terrible chronic condition.


There are a great deal of strains available to PTSD sufferers, which can help reduce or stop their symptoms. There are principally two groups of strains to try. One of the strain groups will make you feel more relaxed and improve the quality of your sleep, while the other will help reduce anxiety without having an effect on your sleep.

For PTSD, it is recommended for you to use an Indica. If you are new to trying different strains, I would recommend Grand Daddy Purple. This strain is able to produce an anti-anxiety effect which many PTSD sufferers have grown to rely on. It is recommended that you use this Indica at night, as it can make your body feel heavy, making movement rather difficult.

Another strain to try is called Blueberry. Like Grand Daddy Purple, it is an Indica with a rather fruity and punchy taste. Many PTSD sufferers say that helps them unwind at night making them feel more relaxed. The effects are particularly long lasting, so again we would recommend to use this strain at night.


Bubba Kush is a further Indicato consider as it provides excellent night time relief to most PTSD sufferers. It is easily recognizable as the buds of Bubba Kush are quite dense with deep green coloring intertwined with abit of purple. It has many trichomes, where most of the psychoactive THC is stored. Blackberry Kush is another strain to try.

One of my own personal favorites is Red Devil, which is another Indica.It doesn’t make your body feel heavy like some of the strains discussed above, but does produce a calm relaxing effect which many will find beneficial. It has a pretty distinctive look as it has densetrichomes with lime green highlights interspersed with bright orange tones.

If you require a short term effect, Master Kush could be a good strain to try. Master Kush has bright green buds with prominent noticeable trichomes. It is important to try and experiment with the many different strains that are available for PTSD, as different strains will produce different effects for different people.

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