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Which Rehab Treatment Best Suits You

The journey to a restored, sober and healthy life is not easy, and it takes time. It requires long-term commitment, enthusiasm and hard work. The achievements gained in the transformation from living a life of addiction to that of recovery is well worth the effort. Like any other journey, the road to soberness starts with a simple step. At Malibu rehab center, we will guide you on the steps to a healthier and brighter future. The particular steps to each individual’s addiction rehabilitation process will vary depending on the kind of addiction and treatment plan that is in use for the person seeking addiction treatment. However, all processes tend to share certain key aspects:


During the intake process, the rehab center will find out whether the candidate is fit for treatment offered. At this point, it is best to ask all the questions you feel are most substantial to you. The rehab center will likewise address some questions to you and have some diagnostic tests done to determine how the programs can optimally be used in the treatment plan to your advantage based on your stage of addiction. The center is usually interested in knowing the seriousness of your addiction, your drug history and financial arrangements required for treatment.

Rehab Center

The program that suits your needs

When dealing with addiction rehabilitation programs, there are several options available to you. It is very important that you select the program that is a good match for your condition. If you are comfortable with the program you choose, it is best to follow suit to the end, as this increases your chances of attaining good health in the long run, and you will definitely live a contented sober life.

Types of rehab facilities

Treatment programs normally provide outpatient and inpatient services, and a combination of both types. Regardless of the facility you choose, the intake process is more or less the same, and conducted by a counselor.

Inpatient treatmentgives those struggling with an addiction problem a safe place that offers care 24/7. Such care helps the patients to get rid of stress, the ability to get into relapse, and temptation to use drugs. Residential or impatient treatment is usually preferred for patients with long standing addictions or coexisting medical conditions.

Luxurious inpatient facilities provide resort-like amenities that make your stay more relaxed.Executive inpatient facilities offer high end surroundings that take care of busy professionals, so that they are able to do their execute duties while undergoing treatment.

Outpatient treatmentprograms are quite similar to inpatient ones, the only exception being that you are allowed to return home after each night of treatment. If you have compelling obligations such as taking care of children or elderly parents, the outpatient facility will not deviate you from your responsibilities. This kind of treatment is best for individuals with mild addictions. It may not be the best choice for people with severe addiction problems.

Malibu rehab center offers different addiction treatment programs and facilities suited for different levels of addictions. Through the initial consultation, you will find out which program and facilities align with your treatment needs.

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