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Why and when you should be supplementing with protein shakes.

 Supplementing with protein shakes has become the norm within people’s diet and lifestyle. So let’s start with the WHYS:

What are they?

Proteins are the main building blocks in your body. They’re used in enzyme production, as well as muscles, tendons, organs and even hormones. These all play huge roles within your daily body function, and without them, quite frankly you wouldn’t be able to live.

Building muscle size and strength:

Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues, which is hugely convenient for body builders and other athletes due to constantly ripping their muscles. When they’re repaired, they’re repaired stronger and bigger. It also helps to alleviate soreness in the coming days after a heavy workout.

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Protein is also helpful in reducing hunger levels, as it helps to reduce ghrelin up to four hours later, which is the hormone that tells your brain that you’re hungry.

This is particularly helpful if you’re trying to lose weight, and would rather not snack on unhealthy foods here and there.

So those are pretty good reasons to why supplementation of protein shakes are good for you. Not to mention the convenience of just putting a scoop into your shaker, with some milk or water and off you go!

Now, let’s talk about WHEN you should be taking them:

In the morning:

Why in the morning you ask? Well, as we spoke about before, protein actually lowers the cravings for food later on in the day. If you have a hefty day ahead of you, why not consume one with your morning breakfast to ensure that you won’t be snacking just before lunch time.

After a workout:

Protein shakes only take roughly 30 minutes to reach the muscle after ingestion. So taking one immediately after a workout is suggested, simply because you would have just finished breaking down your muscle, and they would be in desperate need of protein.

1 or 2 hours before bed:

Having one before bed will help your body repair the muscles throughout the night, so you’re less likely to wake up sore. Depending on what source of protein you go for, you may or may not want to also get yourself L’Glutamine (some contain small amounts of it already inside) to help muscle growth and repair.

We recommend between 1-1.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight a day for anyone who is looking to build muscle. Why not head over to and browse through their large selection of organic and standard proteins.

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