You Should Know Why It Is Essential For Women To Keep A BMI Chart

Women always want to look beautiful and slim as they are very much weight conscious. Just to maintain body weight it is very much needed to check the BMI (Body Mass Index) ratio. If you know the exact amount of the extra weight then it will be easier for you to reduce.

A lot many benefits are there for using a BMI chart for women. BMI chart clearly indicates whether the woman is physically fit or not, she is overweight or underweight. By mathematical calculation, it simply indicates the extra fat of a female.


A good health tool for women is BMI Calculator: We generally think it is a tool to calculate the weight of a woman. Actually, it targets the diet in order to get a weight loss. Before you start using or maintaining a chart you should know the meaning of the number in the chart. A BMI chart calculates the height and weight of a woman and produces a numeric score. 15 to 20 score is considered as thin. 20 to 25 score is considered as perfect and to be maintained. But 26 to 32 score is considered as overweight but can accept. Getting a score that is more than 32 will surely be considered as obesity. A female, with the score more than 32, should think seriously about the loss of weight. A woman with a good score can have better energy because of her better metabolism work.

Health Risk and BMI: One very good thing about BMI chart is it shows you the risk of the weight you are carrying so that you can easily get aware of the risks. Overweight can lead to a blood pressure problem or heart problem easily. In this way, you can easily resist disease and keep yourself healthy or disease free. It is not only for a particular gender. Male and female both can take care of their health properly by maintaining a BMI chart.

Women BMI calculator: A female is having 4 ways to get a better score in Body Mass Index. To get an accurate result it is recommended weighing under water. Under any circumstances, a BMI calculator can be used. Just after taking the weight of a woman it needs to divide with her height (in inch). Then it has to be multiplied by 703. Now, you can round off your answer up to the second decimal place.

It is a really good tool for a woman to keep and maintain a BMI chart in order to stay healthy and live long.

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